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Haiti and Venezuela signed bilateral agreements on Agriculture and Energy during President Moise's visit

Posted by hougansydney.com on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Under: Diplomacy

Haitian President Jovenel Moise, on Monday landed in the Venezuelan Capital Caracas, his first visit to the Bolivarian Republic since becoming President last February 7th. 

President Moise was received at the Simón Bolívar Maiquetía International Airport by the Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza and the Vice Minister for the Caribbean, Raúl Licausi. The President held a brief press conference at the ramp of the airport before departing for the Miraflores Palace where he met his counterpart, President Nicholas Maduro.

During the meeting the two leaders highlighted the strength of the historical friendship between Haiti and Venezuela, and both president promised to work together to continue to reinforce this special relation.

The purpose of President Jovenel Moise's visit was mainly to assure the Bolivarian republic, which is currently going through a tough economic recession, over the two billion dollars the Haitian state owes Venezuela as part of the petrocaribe accord; as a corruption scandal regarding said accord is currently rocking the political climate in Haiti.

Just two weeks ago a senatorial commission concluded in a damning 686 pages report that more than $3 billions of savings from Petrocaribe, meant to finance social projects; were mismanaged, wasted and embezzled in what the report concluded was essentially : " a large scale state fraud".

Haitian Senatorial Commission recommends corruption and embezzlement charges against two former prime ministers, a string of ministers and managers of private firms

Two bilateral agreements however, on Agriculture and Energy were signed between both countries during President Moise's visit.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, after leaving a meeting with President Moise, said that "the entire work plan, of cooperation, between Haiti, Venezuela and Petrocaribe" was also evaluated . 

For his part, President Moise also highlighted the strength of the friendly relations between the two peoples and the contributions of the Venezuelan government to strengthen these ties.

"We are working on cooperation projects in which we are all winners," said the president, while expressing words of thanks to the people of Venezuela for their support and fraternity with the Haitian people.

"I thank the people of Venezuela and President Maduro, and the doors of Haiti will always be open," he said.

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