A strong magnitude 4.6 earthquake generated a great panic in several cities in northern Haiti, including Cap Haitian, where many frightened people fled their homes.

The earthquake was also felt in the town of Juana Mendez (Haiti) and Santiago in the Dominican Republic.

There are so far no reports of casualties or damages, but the violent shaking caused panic in the population.

A woman was injured when she fell to the ground in a desperate attempt to get out of a place.

"Suddenly I felt a very strong movement, I thought the trees were falling on my house, but then I noticed that everything was moving and I ran with others, I fell and injured my knee,"

As reported by the Seismological Institute of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the earthquake took place at 11:25 AM today.

The epicenter was in the town of Montecristi, a Dominican town near the northern region of Haiti.

This earthquake is the second to hit the Dominican Republic and Haiti in two weeks. The past December 26, another earthquake struck the Dominican Republic, causing no casualties or damage.