For the fourth time in a month, the Parliament was unable to decide on the fate of Jocelerme Privert who became the de facto president of Haiti after his 120 days mandate ended on June 14. Yesterday, the National Assembly was supposed to take place, but could not occur due to lack of quorum. Senators and deputies of the opposition boycotted the event.

They posed a rabbit to reporters who did not take them seriously anyway and to an increasingly impatient nation; men who are supposed to represent us, do everything but reflect our maturity as a free people for over 200 years. Some rather divert attention from the real problems facing the country, by making outrageous and homophobic comments. Senator Jean Renel Senatus recently called for the prohibition of TV shows Glee and The shadows of lies in the country, because of some gay characters represented.

Thus, the country continues its dark path of uncertainty. A president without a legitimate mandate, a presidential election that is still incomplete after 9 months, growing insecurity and a deadly strike by doctors in the largest hospitals in the country among other crises.

Great political and economic interests as well as deep corruption, the true immoralities of our country; continue to prevent these legislators from taking the necessary decisions. The interest of the country comes second.