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Arrested and extradited to the United States at the beginning of January, the elected senator of Grand'Anse Guy Philippe calls for mobilization and indexes the President of the Senate and four other Lavalas senators who, according to him, have the hand dipped in his arrest . The scorned voice, without much emotion, the ex-leader of the rebel forces rebels and believes harshly to have been the victim of an abduction. "It's a kidnapping net," he says, in an audio recording that has become viral on social networks, depicting the contours, the paths traveled aboard a vehicle of the diplomatic corps before being shipped expressly in an airplane.

In Parliament, the reaction was not long in coming. Youri Latortue, pointed in the indictment of Guy Philippe, is "surprised", in a statement released Monday afternoon. "By acquittal, but above all by duty to his department, its constituents, his political party and all those who trust him, Senator Latortue formally and unreservedly denies the allegations made about any role played by him in this matter" , Continues the president of the Senate, refusing to "fuel such debates". Latortue also argues that "manipulating an imprisoned man is horrendously dishonest and isolating him from the various sectors devoted to his cause by pushing him to the gratuitous and unjust blame demonstrates the cynicism of certain actors, supposedly well-intentioned, who today prowl Around Guy Philippe ".

Earlier in the day, the member for Pestel, Ronald Étienne, deplored the silence and indifference of the Senate on the Guy Philippe case, which he said was arbitrarily detained. Confirming the authenticity of the audio, the elected explained that he, other relatives and Guy Philippe were talking regularly. For him, the former police commissioner was thrown to the wolves by "his own brothers", without naming them. He believes as he alone that his spiritual father is the victim of a conspiracy. From whom? "Institutions and all those who remain indifferent to this issue," he said, announcing a sit-in in front of the US embassy Tuesday to force the Americans to return Guy Philippe to appear before the courts in April .