Gary Bodeau elected as President of the Lower house

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Gary Bodeau, accedes to the presidency of the lower house. The deputy of Delmas, one of the main leaders of the majority bloc, occupied the important position of Quaestor of the lower house.

The Questure, could serve as a launching pad for this young politician.

Before him, Cholzer Chancy, had attracted the favor of his colleagues through a good management of the Questure. The member for Ennery had held the presidency of the 50th legislature for two years.

Mr. Bodeau, who was communications advisor to the Prime Ministers, Gary Conille and Laurent Lamothe, has forged strong alliances in his silent campaign for the presidency of the lower house. He follows in the footsteps of another deputy from Delmas, Pierre Erique Jean Jacques, who was president of the Chamber of Deputies for 3 years.

Prior to his ascension to the presidency of the lower house, Mr. Bodeau was in charge of the telecommunications commission, which had scheduled hearings on the failures of the telephone companies.

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