Funeral of Reverend Father Joseph Simoly, assassinated in Port-au-Prince last week

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The funeral of the Reverend Father Joseph Simoly, murdered December 21, 2017 in front of his residence on the road of Brothers, at the age of 54, was sung this Saturday, December 30 at the Transitional Cathedral of Port-au-Prince by the Cardinal Chibly Langlois in front of an audience composed of the Episcopal 
bishops, parliamentarians, representatives of the organizations of defense of the human rights and leaders of political parties. His body was exposed in the archbishop's chapel. Sunday Vicar of the parish of the Sacred Heart of Turgeau, a vigil of prayers was organized on Friday, December 29, 2017 in his tribute.

Filled for the most part by faithful Catholics, in tears and sadness, the Transitional Cathedral welcomed, for the last time, Father Simoly, lying in his coffin covered not with flowers but with his white dawn of priest, his Bible and  a rosary identical to the one he is accustomed to wearing around his neck. The tense, heavy and unsustainable atmosphere showed the courage of the deceased family members who attended the ceremony.

In his occasional homily, Cardinal Chibly Langlois drew a portrait of the Reverend Father Joseph Simoly, whom he described as "missionary priest of the good news of the resurrection". For him, during his 25 years of priesthood, Joseph Simoly showed dexterity and mastery in his sermons. "We do not have many fathers with his qualities", he confessed while explaining that thanks to this gift he was able to allow "a large number of faithful to meet God".

The clergyman, however, condemned the assassination of the Reverend Father Joseph Simoly which, according to him, constitutes "a huge loss" for the country as well as for the ecclesiastical community. "Insecurity, impunity, terror, barbarity, hatred, violence and corruption" are the various evils that "destroy the life of the population and favor the departure of many Haitians to foreign lands". This situation generates, he continues, great concerns within the company.

He appealed to the judicial authorities to put an end to this situation of fear and anguish. "When justice exists and works effectively, it only increases the level of society," he lambasted. The absence of justice, he argues, will bring "more tears". "If they killed father Simoly for no reason, his blood however should not be flow for nothing," he urged to urge justice to act. For its part, the Haitian National Police has announced an investigation to shed light on this issue but has not yet announced arrests.

Moreover, it should be noted that a group of people made a protest in the vicinity of the transitional Cathedral of Port-au-Prince to denounce the death of the priest while launching hostile remarks against the celebrant, Cardinal Chibly Langlois and the parliamentarian, Youri Latortue, present in the audience. CIMO agents were dispatched to provide security inside and around the cathedral. It should be noted that the burial, preceded by the libera prayer, was held in the same day in Hinche cathedral.

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