French President Emmanuel Macron held joint press conference with President Jovenel Moise

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Emmanuel Macron : <<
First trip to Europe, on the occasion of the One Planet Summit, where he will speak tomorrow. I want to say how welcome he is and how happy I am to have had the opportunity to exchange with him the international issues we have in common, such as bilateral issues. A chance, since it was extremely important for the President to be able to warm up at this summit and to intervene as his country was able to know in Its own flesh the consequences of global warming and the climate change that the region may have experienced.

 This first interview allowed us to salute the quality of the Franco-Haitian relationship and to express our common will, to work for the change essential to the recovery of his country and the improvement of the living conditions of its population. I, Here, would like to acknowledge the very important work being done by the President on the fight against corruption, the strengthening of the rule of law and to tell him all the support of France in this context.

I welcome the fact that in the coming days, an agreement with France will be finalized which will make it possible to work on this issue, as well as the bilateral initiatives that have been taken in terms of the training of the public service and the senior Haitian civil service, which is an important element of the structuring of the rule of law.

Our wish is also to be able to consolidate international aid with respect to France and also to consolidate a share of French investments in Haiti. Haiti is one of the priority countries of our cooperation and we attach great importance to the bilateral relationship in this context, I think that all the work, also the links with international donors led by the President is extremely structuring in matters like the discussions that have begun with the International Monetary Fund and ambitious reforms provide a framework for foreign investment.

France, through the French development agency, is focused on three priority sectors: education, good governance, and the fight against the effects of climate change.

In terms of education, the action plan established in 2015 will be fully implemented with 50 million euros to announce and in terms of climate change, the work conducted for two years has led to the green fund, precisely a project of adaptation and management of watersheds for thirty million dollars, and Haiti could become in this capacity, one of the first if not the first country to obtain an adaptation project under this green fund, we have agreed to accelerate the work in terms of public works, in terms of electrification, accelerate bilateral cooperation that will also lead to the realization of concrete projects.

Finally, I hope that we can also intensify our relationship in the framework of regional cooperation, and the CARICOM that Haiti will hold the presidency from January 1st; as you know we have several states, several territories that are candidates, and to start negotiations to join the organization as associate members and I hope that we can reach the terms of this process and I reiterate all my desire to be able to move forward with CARICOM on concrete projects. Tomorrow's summit will also be a concrete translation of this will to strengthen cooperation since CARICOM will engage in a very concrete way in this matter.

 The Francophonie is also an element that unites us, Haiti being just founding members and I hope that we can encourage the entire region in a very concrete and we will use the initiatives you take in this sense.

I repeat here to the President all our wish that French companies come to invest more in Haiti, we will push them by punctual initiatives and support and I believe that all the reforms that you are driving, like the the rule of law, the investment framework and the modernization of the economy will enable us to work effectively in this direction.

Here is the content of the exchanges that we have just had and which will allow to scans the work of the coming months and that allows me to repeat to the President all the joy that we have to welcome here, in Paris all the determinations which is mine, to be able to act together for his country and act together against global warming.

Thank you for being here President. >>


Jovenel Moise:<< Thank you.

On behalf of the Haitian people and on my own behalf, I am extremely satisfied with my meeting with President Emmanuel Macron on a set of topics of interest for our two countries. Haiti and France have strong ties of friendship and solidarity. We fully share the vision expressed by President Macron, Haiti believes that development is a national decision and process. During our exchanges, we agreed to strengthen trade links between the two countries; cooperation in education at all levels especially higher education and vocational training and also the capacity of institutions of the Haitian state to better face the challenges of development.

I take this opportunity to applaud President Macron's leadership and deep commitment to holding the climate finance summit.

Two years after the historic Paris agreement on climate change, Haiti strongly supports this initiative, and as, during its CARICOM rotating presidency from January to May 2018, work for the adoption of subregional mechanisms to allow Island States to better adapt their economies, their environment to the effects of climate change, you can count on us, we are working, so that French, as we have said so well, which is our official language, in fact, can become a language, the language of the CARICOM too and we are working so that our brothers of Martinique and Guadeloupe, can participate also in this big movement of the CARICOM, reason why? The CARICOM are Caribbean countries and I think Martinique and Guadeloupe are also part of CARICOM. Thank you.

Emmanuel Macron:<< Thank you very much. Mesi mesye dam.>>

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