The French head of state François Hollande yesterday defined the basis for new exchanges between France and Haiti.

In his speech Mr Hollande called for better collaboration between the French overseas departments and Haiti. These communities are more supportive than others of Haiti, he said.

He recalled that the French, coming from the same origins as the Haitians, are animated by a great brotherhood towards Haiti.

Several officials of French departments, including Victorin Lurel Guadeloupe, were present in the delegation. During his stay in the Caribbean, Mr. Holland has visited all the communities in the French Caribbean.

He recalled that cooperation between Haiti and the French overseas departments would be even more beneficial that these territories are present within regional organizations.

The heads of French territories had working sessions with the Haitian authorities in the context of this brief visit by President Hollande. One of the first elements of this cooperation will be the construction of a new French Institute of Haiti. The building will be built in collaboration with the French West Indian communities on the grounds of the Manoir des Lauriers.