Four Haitians and a Dominican arrested in Dominican Republic with 142 pounds of marijuana

Posted by on Friday, January 27, 2017 Under: Crimes
The Central Bureau of Narcotics of the Dominican National Police has announced this morning that its officers have detained four Haitian nationals and a Dominican citizen transporting 142 pounds of cannabis.

The five suspects were arrested around 2:00 AM this morning at a hotel's parking lot in the Agricultural Villas sector. The Haitian detainees, all 24 years old, are Jean Baptiste, Joseph Benjamin, Hebreu Sanon, and Louis Manuel. 

Three of the Haitian citizens were inside a white chevrolet with Haitian plate TM-05469, inside which 19 bags of marijuana were found.

Inside a second vehicle nearby, a gray Nissan, 2000 model, with Haitian plate A-451651; Sanon and the Dominican citizen, Hidalgo Gomez, 54, who was in the driver seat were found with 9 packages of marijuana.

The suspects are under police's control until their court date.

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