Former Chief of Haiti's National Police, Mario Andresol: Iron Market fire "is either political or criminal"

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Mario Andresol, who served as Haiti's police chief from 2005 to 2012 and under three different Presidents, doesn’t think that the fire which destroyed the Iron Market of Port-au-Prince on the night of February 12th to the 13th, was accidental.  Based on his experience as head of the Police, Mr Andresol suspects foul play.

"The origin of the fire of a public market in Haiti is rarely accidental. It is either political or criminal. The antagonistic groups that cluster around municipal cartels easily make it possible to go up the criminal chain. Politics is something else" Mr Andresol said on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Last night, as the majority of Haitians were dancing and celebrating the National Carnival, a massive fire at the same time was destroying the most important public market in the country. Firefighters were not able to maintain the fire before it nearly destroyed the whole structure of the Iron Market.

Breaking News: Iconic Iron Market in Port-au-Prince nearly destroyed by fire last night

President Jovenel Moise learned with emotion the news of the Iron Market fire on the night of Monday 12 to Tuesday 13 February. He immediately held high level ministerial meeting  with Prime Minister Dr. Jack Guy Lafontant in order to bring the compassion, the comfort and the assistance of the Government to the victims.

The administration of President Moise invites the population to remain calm in the face of this test both painful and unacceptable and at the same time asks the traders affected to remain confident in the rapid response of the government.

An inter-ministerial commission is set up to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to shed light on this tragedy and also to make the iron market operational again as soon as possible.

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