Firefighters couldn't come to the Iron Market on time, because fire trucks had no gas

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As people have begun to recollect themselves from the shock of the historic Iron Market in Port-au-Prince, being burned to near complete destruction and, investigators are collecting testimonies from witnesses and analyzing all the evidence, it is beginning to look like that an accident with a combination of negligence was behind this tragedy.

The Photographer, Casimir Veillard of the newspaper Lenouvelliste who happened to be there and was able to capture some great pictures of the event as it unfolded, was also able to talk to other people who were nearby and according to their testimonies, the fire started near " The Accra building" not far; a pile of trash that was being burned. The wind carried some sparks of the fire into the iron Market and within minutes flames engulfed the structure.

Breaking News: Iconic Iron Market in Port-au-Prince nearly destroyed by fire last night

According to multiple witnesses, the Security guards at the Iron market called the Fire Department of Port-au-Prince, but they couldn't come at all, because none of the fire trucks had gas. It took over an hour for the nearby town of Carrefour to send Its own fire trucks to help extinguish the fire. The pictures of Casimir corroborate this account, as you can see clearly "Carrefour" marked atop and in front of the fire trucks that were there. Not Port-au-Prince. The Iron Market is located downtown Port-au-Prince.

"This fire is mainly due to the negligence of the state in all its components, whether municipalities or the national state. We have never been able to manage Port-au-Prince respecting a minimum of standards, "said Professor Auguste D'Meza in an interview for AlterPresse. For him, what happened Monday night at the Iron market can happen tomorrow at the airport or anywhere in the country.

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