Fallout from the release of two infamous criminals, close ally of Martelly, continues in Haiti and Internationally

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The government represents the society and it is considered necessary to make this call because this release caused a scandal," said Haiti's Prime Minister Paul Evans, to the news paper late Tuesday evening, at a time when fuse reactions following the decision of the judge Lamarre Belizaire to free Woodly Etheart aka Sonson Lafamilia and Renel Nelfort on whom weighed heavy loads, including kidnapping against ransom, murder, illicit drug trafficking, money laundering and conspiracy.

The Minister of Justice, Pierre-Richard Casimir, "did not act alone. He acted with the accession of the Prime Minister in particular, "said Paul Evans, referencing to the Minister of Justice firing of the prosecutors involved in the case. " it is important for the government to guarantee the society's morality. " "We would like to reach a sufficiently credible justice system where its decisions are not challenged by the public," said Paul Evans after stating that he "do not have the right to opine on a court decision ".

However, when asked about the label of "judicial power Tet Kale" joined to Lamarre Belizaire Evans Paul responded that "everyone must do their work according to its prerogatives in full respect of the law", adding: "The judge made a decision. I think he has made it based on legal considerations. Now, if there are doubts, the law allows for appeal. And it is in this sense that the government chose to appeal and the process is ongoing. "

The Bar Association of Port-au-Prince, in a press release dated April 20, expressed "astonishment of non-compliance with basic rules of criminal procedures by some judges of the Republic."  For lawyers in the capital, "the criminal hearing unattended by jury Friday, April 17, 2015, under the chairmanship of Judge Lamarre Belizaire at the courthouse in Port-au-Prince, is indicative of the contempt characterized suspensive effect and devolutionary of Criminal Appeals; the obligation to indict an accused person referred to the criminal court; the rule of jurisdiction of the criminal court and the adversarial principle ".

"Indeed, the statement said, despite the appeal of the order for reference lodged by three defendants; the lack of prosecution and conveyance deeds for four and the request for referral of the case to procedural irregularities, the court nevertheless held hearings for two accused while the other accused back to prison. In doing so, the president of the criminal court distinguished two people wrapped similar charges, referred to the criminal court by the same order and have waived their right to the higher court. The legal independence of the judge has does not exempt him from his duty to justice and respect the laws of the Republic. "
Through this public stance, "the Bar of Port-au-Prince, said that this release was meant to inform students, student-lawyers, trainees and the general public that the activity of the April 17, 2015 The latest in a series, is the negation of law. " The men of the legal fraternity, in the process, called on "the members of the High Council of the Judiciary and the Minister of Justice and Public Security" to be "vigilant regarding disciplining judges sitting and standing" . These entities as the Bar of Port-au-Prince, "have a responsibility to get justice wilt in which it is immersed."

The UN and the "Core Group", worried about the case, evoke a "grave mistake" and a violation of the procedure raises doubts
"The Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN and other members of the international community in Haiti represented in the" Core Group "(the ambassadors of Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, the United States of America, the European Union and the Special Representative of the Organization of American States) note, with deep concern, the judicial process that resulted in the acquittal and release, April 17, 2015, accused Woodly Etheart and Renel Nelfort, subject to heavy loads, including kidnapping against ransom, murder, illicit drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime, "said a statement.
"Based on a legal opinion Haitian lit, the" Core Group "understands that this case implicating several people accused of serious and infamous charges was under appeal and should have been the subject of a decision after trial on appeal. This is a serious mistake and a violation of the existing procedure which casts doubt on the impartiality of this process, ".

"The" Core Group "takes note of the prompt actions of the Minister of Justice and Public Safety holding prosecutors accountable and making a legal challenge before the Supreme Court to quash the decision of the trial court to enter record ", the statement said.
"In order to restore public confidence in the judicial system, the" Core Group "urges the Higher Council of the Judiciary to exercise the powers conferred upon it by the Constitution and promptly investigate the role played by the judges of the Court Trial in this matter and take appropriate action, if necessary, "called this combination. "We are concerned by the decision, including the speed with which it was taken", said yesterday a spokesman for the US State Department. Woodly Etheart and Renel Nelfort were indicted along with 11 others in a 30-page charging document filed by the investigating judge Jean-François Sonel. According to police and judicial authorities, these men were the brains of the Galil gang responsible for the kidnapping of 17 people in six years and has collected $ 1.5 million ransom.

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