The Prime Minister appointed Evans Paul announced Wednesday the formation of his government by the end of the week, but did not provide details on the date of installation. He took the opportunity to announce that his government will cut ministerial posts and secretaries of states.

After several rumors about his installation as Prime Minister Evans Paul said on the airwaves of a radio station in the capital that his government will be formed at the end of the week. He took the opportunity to explain why he has not yet been installed as leader of the government. "We do not want to look too irritating, he argued. We seek the broadest consensus to arrive at the facility shortly. There are steps and the installation will be done in due course. "

In the opinion of the former Secretary General of the Convention Democratic Unity (KID Creole), the state must continue to exist over the dispute and the current crises. "It is not normal to continue to operate with a blur retired ministers, he argued. There are people waiting and the State must take all necessary decisions to resolve this issue soon. By the end of this week, we will proceed to the formation of a new government. "

In the negotiations for the selection of members of his government, the nominated Prime Minister said the names of all the ministers who resigned are on the table. "Automatically head of government is a party, his team is on the negotiating table," said he told the reporter who asked him if there was among the ministers who resigned to be continued. Before specifying that the resigning ministers who were performing in the previous government will not be removed.

Evans Paul has also announced a reduction in ministerial positions and state secretaries. "The country is in crisis and the state coffers are almost empty. With all this, it is normal that there are fewer and fewer departments of State secretaries in the next government. This is not even a logical Evans Paul, but it ''s a reality, "said K-Plim, arguing that in Haiti, sometimes official positions are created just to please individuals. "We can not do that to our country! »

Evans Paul also said he is not the Prime Minister of a political party, but rather that of the government of the Republic. "I will not allow myself to take the money and government cars to carry the campaign for individuals or political parties, he has promised. I am a prime minister in the service of the Republic and all political parties. I intend to have a solid team of Ministers that will address the programs and government policies to move the country forward. »

Evans Paul has guaranteed that he will do his job to earn the trust of President Martelly and the people who believed in him and his ability to carry the boat of the government. "I am in the service of the Haitian people and I will do my best not to disappoint all those who believed in me for this so difficult work to do at the head of the government of the Republic, he said, concluding that it is "a person open and ready to meet all the people of the country, regardless of their status and their political position."