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The European Union's chief diplomat, Frederica Mogherini, today expressed great confidence that the election of Jovenel Moise as the new president of Haiti
"will bring stability and good governance" in the politically unstable Caribbean nation.

In the statement congratulating Jovenel Moise on his victory, Frederica added that "All political forces must now work together for the well-being of the country and its people.

The head of European diplomacy said that "it is urgent" for Haiti to face the "numerous challenges in the field of rule of law, citizen security, justice and respect for human rights and improvement of the living conditions of the population, aggravated by the passage of the devastating Hurricane Matthew ".

At the same time, the EU reiterated its commitment to help the country and noted that the Twenty-eight members block will "continue to support Haiti" in Its efforts to get ahead.

Yesterday, Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council officially declared Jovenel Moise the winner of the presidential election organized in the country November 20, 2016.