The ratification of the policy statement of the Prime Minister of Haiti Jean Charles Enex is a significant step towards the restoration of constitutional order in Haiti. It allows the nomination of an interim government in the framework of the implementation of the Triparty Agreement of 5th February. Such agreement shall ensure the continuity of the state and the continuation of the electoral cycle begun in 2015.
All stakeholders must redouble their efforts for the early establishment of the Provisional Electoral Council which will take the necessary measures to achieve as soon as possible the electoral process begun in 2015 and to proceed with the publication of the results of the municipal elections. These steps are essential to ensure that the voices of the Haitian people are heard and that they can freely and democratically choose their local leaders as nationals.
Haiti needs legitimate authorities to address the important challenges the country faces. The daily lives of millions of Haitians is directly affected.
The EU remains firmly committed to assist Haiti in its efforts and progress towards development. Only stable institutions and a system of governance that enjoys democratic legitimacy will with the European Union to have significant and lasting effects.