recently appointed Prime Minister of Haiti Enex Jean Charles was ratified by both houses of parliament. Late last night, the Senate held its hearing on the general policy of Jean Charles, and at dawn this morning, the Chamber of Deputies also approved the former adviser of Rene Preval as the new Prime Minister of Haiti. Jean Charles needed the vote of at least 75 members; 78 have voted in favor, one against and two abstained.

The installation of a new prime minister comes as time seems to be running out.
Mr. Privert was elected for no more than 120 days; he has been the interim president for the past 41 days.

The CEP, the body responsible for organizing the second round of elections canceled three times due to allegations of fraud, has still not yet been installed. Interim President of Haiti Jocelerme Privert, was waiting for the ratification of his new prime minister before officially forming the CEP. The official installation of the CEP can be expected to happen shortly.

The Prime Minister has enormous tasks ahead of him. The national currency is in great decline; due to a persistent drought, 3.5 million people are at risk of food insecurity; and of course he has to put all the mechanisms in place to complete the electoral process so that a legitimate government can address these pressing issues.