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The director general of the Dominican military intelligence service, Brigadier General, Santo Domingo Guerrero, warned yesterday during a high-level meeting that he will sanction eminent soldiers stationed at the border, who are guilty of stealing from Haitian farmers, hundreds of farm animals such as cows.

The head of the Dominican intelligence agency considers these theft unjustifiable especially since there it a military monitoring the ongoing border where cattle theft is reported, citing as an example the military post Sanchez, located in Dajabón Cañongo community where there have been constant reports of such crime.

Earlier this year, dozens of animals reported stolen by Haitian farmers were returned by  Dominican police after they were found on the other side of the border. The General stressed that livestock theft not only affects Haitian farmers, but also Dominicans.

The public markets held on the border town of Villa almácigo on Wednesdays and Saturdays, where irregular sales of animals are usually made, will, from now on strictly monitored. Warned Guerrero.

The high-level meeting included farmers and local authorities of the two countries, the governor of Dajabón, Ramona Rodriguez Quezada; General Jose Frias Rodriguez, commander of the Fourth Brigade based in Mao; Acting US Attorney Fredy Guzman; Congressman Gregorio Reyes, representing the senatorial office; Haitian consul in Dajabon Claude Joazard, Colonels Madé Narciso Novoa Guerrero and Ramon Perez, the tenth CESFRONT commanders and battalion of the army and a large part of farmers affected by the flights.