The offer of mediation of the Organization of American States (OAS) was rejected yesterday by the Dominican Chancellor Andres Navarro. The dialogue between the two states to find a solution to the crisis has been recommended by members of the technical mission to examine the situation in the border area between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

As part of the observations of the mission members had argued that "people may find themselves without any recognized nationality."

This is consistent with the remarks of the Haitian authorities stressing that those born to Haitian parents are not automatically detaining Haitian nationality.

International organizations had been alerted to the risks of statelessness that cause the Dominican deportation.

The mission members were also recognized "the existence of population movements that survive in precarious conditions."

Chancellor Navarro rejected the OAS dialogue offer, while the members of the mission had noted a desire for dialogue of leaders of civil society organizations in both countries. "In both countries, the private sector, civil society and the international community reaffirm the need to help build consensus and find solutions, taking into account the interests of the citizens of the island ', says The report.

Moreover, Haitian and Dominican officials had expressed their willingness to seek a solution through dialogue to the crisis. "The countries are willing to take, under certain conditions, mutual dialogue and to establish dispute resolution mechanisms on migration issues in the short, medium and long term," the report said.