The Dominican Foreign Ministry, through a statement, has informed of the decision by the Dominican government, Wednesday, September 16, 2015, to recall for consultation Ruben Silie, the Dominican ambassador in Haiti. In addition, the Dominican Chancellery told to consider other diplomatic measures in response to the announcement of the ban that the government of the Dominican Republic has only found out through Haitian media; the ban on entering by land of around 23 Dominican products from 1 October.

Such a restriction, put in execution, according to the Dominican authorities, would lead to violations of the bi-national commitment between the two countries, such as the Memorandum of Understanding on trade relations signed by both countries on July 10, 2014,  particularly in Article 12, stipulating that the parties must notify << Ministries of Trade and Industry before starting Work of all rules and legal instruments on trade within an appropriate time limit. >> procedure which has not been followed by the Haitian government >> protested the Dominican Foreign Minister, further stating that the extent of the violations of the Haitian Ministry of Commerce represent a set of international commitments made by the two countries at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Similarly, the Dominican Foreign Ministry said that this decision implies a limitation of the Haitian government to overland trade between the two countries, which he likens to a kind of discrimination against the Dominican Republic remains the only country sharing a land border with Republic of Haiti. << Thus, we would be the only country in the WTO to be affected by the ban >> laments the institution in charge of the Dominican diplomacy.

Furthermore, the Dominican Chancellor said that if the decision announced by the Haitian Ministry of Finance and Economy materializes, >>the Haitian government would make more difficult the possibilities of reactivating dialogue and bilateral cooperation currently on hold and this situation is even more serious since no formal communication has been received from the Haitian authorities on the measure in question. >>

The Ministry of Foreign Affair concluded his statement by saying that the Dominican government is and remains willing to promote harmonious relations with the Haitian government, as part of the ongoing work of the Joint Bilateral Commission.