Tensions between the Dominican Republic and Haiti continue to reach new heights as the Dominican Republic today celebrates its 171 years independence from Haiti, in 1844.

Many anti-haitian protests have been observed in different parts of the country during the occasion and most Haitians living in the Dominican Republic have been obliged to stay home for fear that something might happen to them.

Dominican President Danillo Medina during an address for the occasion reminded that the Dominican Republic is a sovereign nation and that it would do what it wants when it comes to dealing with migrants.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic's Embassy and consulate have cancelled their independence celebration events in Haiti following the attack on the Dominican's Consulate in Petion Ville, where the Dominican Flag was taken down by angry protesters Wednesday evening and the Haitian flag was raised instead. As a retaliation it seemed for the burning of the Haitian flag by Dominican protesters earlier this month.

Governments of both countries, the Dominican Republic and Haiti have called on their populations to remain calm in order to avoid further deterioration between the countries' relationship.