Dominican President declares emergency in Pedernales and dispatches troops to protect Haitians from threats of Domicans who want them out within 24hrs

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Dominican President Danilo Medina has declared an emergency in the southwest border town of Pedernales and has dispatched elite troops and additional police, to protect Haitian migrants as tensions and threats from a groups of dominicans, including from the mayor of that town, who have given an ultimatum for all Haitians to leave within 24 hours; according to Dominican Foreign Minister, Miguel Vargas.

“The President ordered a major military controls against the situation prevailing in Pedernales, given the threatening situation of residents that this Tuesday will forcefully remove the Haitian nationals from that municipality,” Vargas told journalists upon his return from a South American trip.

Dominicans and Haitians have staged extremely violent protests in that border area following the death of two farmers last week, the spouses Julio Reyes Perez and Neiva Feliz Urbares, whose murders are blamed on two brothers from Haiti who then allegedly fled to Haiti.

Chaos erupted in Pedernales in the early morning of Tuesday, March 13, as residents woke up to loud speakers mounted on pick up trucks were blasting threats to Haitians and telling them to leave the town within 24 hours or will be forcibly removed by vigilantes. In the hours that followed, hundreds of people could be seen frantically leaving their homes as violence erupted.

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The Binational market which usually takes place Monday and Friday was canceled yesterday in Pedernales.

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