The Dominican Bar Association urges the government of the Dominican Republic to conduct a thorough investigation into the recent death, brutal, and in public of "Tulile" that 19 year old, of Haitian origin, who was hanged from a tree in a park in the city of Santiago, the second city of the Dominican Republic.

Recently, it has been widely reported that the anti-Haitian sentiment in the Dominican Republic had reached a record level.

Also, because racism, hate crimes and public lynchings are anathema in any civilized society, and are punished by law, the College of the Dominican Lawyers commits the Dominican authorities to act quickly and to conduct thorough investigations to prosecute the perpetrators of this horrible crime. Those responsible for this crime must be punished and expect to experience all the rigors of the law.

In addition, the Dominican Bar Association urges non-judicial branches of the Dominican government (executive and legislative) to act in accordance with the criminal law and, if necessary, to review and / or change existing laws on "hate crimes" to demonstrate and affirm that such heinous and violent behavior will not be tolerated.

The Board of Directors of the Dominican Bar Association
February 20, 2015