Disgraced Haitian Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, continues to refuse to step down despite non confidence in his government

Posted by hougansydney.com on Wednesday, July 11, 2018 Under: Haiti's Political Crisis

Haitian Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, is still resisting growing demands from every sector in Haiti  for him to resign, following the violent protests that erupted as a result of his government’s decision to end fuel’s subsidies, causing costs to skyrocket by up to 51%. Today he held a much expected press conference, with everyone expecting him to announced his resignation, but instead he just gave little details about a meeting he just had with the President of the Senate, Joseph Lambert.

The Private Sector Economic Forum which is made up of some of Haiti’s largest employers, who suffered significant loss from the destruction and looting of their businesses during the unrests, in a public letter and during a meeting with the Haitian President Jovenel Moise, have made it clear that  “this situation results above all from a lack of leadership from the highest authorities of the Haitian State, including the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and his Government. “ The only way out of this impasse is to form a new government with a new Prime Minister.

The President of the Senate, Joseph Lambert, as well as the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Gary Bodeau, has also demanded a change of government. They reiterated their wishes during a meeting with President Jovenel Moise, whom so far has also ignored the growing demands of angry protesters for him to resign for his handling of the crisis.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Gary Bodeau announced a special session for Saturday, July 14, where the Prime Minister is compelled to appear.  Joseph Lambert for his part, assure that the Parliament will assume its responsibility as an equal branch of government and hold everyone involved responsible. It should be noted that if the majority in parliament votes affirmatively on a non confident resolution regarding Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, he would essentially be forcibly evicted from office.

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