Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, condemned on October 21, 2015, the murder of the young Haitian migrant, Sterlin Fétière, which occurred on October 17, in Navegantes, a Brazilian city of the state of Santa Catarina in the south of the country. 

 the Head of the Brazilian state has shown indignant for this act she described as xenophobic and unfair. She said the country that she runs has always been fraternal to others.

"In a country like Brazil, known worldwide for its solidarity and fraternity, such crimes are even more unacceptable," .

The agent of the Brazilian nation, called the federal police to work with the state authorities of Santa Catarina, where the assassination was committed to punish the culprits.

Police in Santa Catarina announced October 21, 2015, having already arrested five (5) alleged perpetrators for their involvement in this voluntary homicide. Among those who were put behind bars, included a young man of 24 years and four (4) adolescents.

Note that the young Haitian migrant Fétière Sterlin, 33, was assaulted, October 17, 2015, by young Brazilians. The Haitian nationals out of a party that did not happen, with his wife a Brazilian national. He would then be seized by the attackers who had left and returned with other assailants who then took Sterlin on a side of street and murdered him.

GARR welcomes the declaration of the Brazilian president who condemned immediately the xenophobic acts perpetrated against the young Haitian migrant in Santa Catarina. He took the opportunity to urge the Brazilian authorities to punish the perpetrators and sponsors of the murder. This will avoid the reproduction of such wrongdoing, she concluded.