Desperation turning into anger in Southwest Hati; corpses in the streets, no food or water

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Desperation is quickly turning into anger in the Southwest Department of Haiti, as no type of governmental or humanitarian aid has yet reached that part of the country, one of the most severely touched areas by Hurricane Matthew. The one bridge leading there was washed away as the river burst out of its banks. 

In the small southwestern town of Cavaillon, dozens are thought to be dead. Corpses of those who perished are still being discovered downstream. Lifeless bodies are laid on the streets waiting identification from relatives or friends. Including that of three children. A situation that could contribute to an already feared health crisis. "The government is not doing its job." criticized one woman "the state is not taking its responsibility." she added

The displaced in the towns of Cavaillon and Torbech have been left without a habitat and now no food or potable water since Tuesday.
 Villa Mimosa, an upscale resort run by former government minister Mimose Felix, has opened its crumbling doors to some 200 people, and has been providing them with shelter, food and water since they arrived on Tuesday, but today the hotel ran out of food to give to the unexpected guests.  

"We are hungry, we need food and water" yell desperate residents at Torbech's Mayor, overwhelmed by the situation but doing his best to calm tempers in the midst of such devastation.

Rescue teams with tons of aids, shelters and sanitation materials from the United States, Canada, Venezuela and other countries are beggining to arrive as traffic to Haiti's international airports resumes. Whether aid will get to critical areas in time remains to be seen.

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