The dean of the University Quisqueya, Jackie Lumarque, was designated the weekend elapsed presidential candidate of "Truth platform."

The deputy coordinator of this political formation, René Monplaisir, indicates that members of the Truth Executive approved the nomination of Mr. Lumarque which presents the unifying profile.

It reveals that Mr. Lumarque was very involved in several vital sectors of society. Activists and members of the management wanted someone who could bring all the vital sectors such as the private sector, farmers, students and the popular sector, suggested Mr Monplaisir.

It ensures that Mr. Lumarque work for social, economic and political. He believes in the need to continue efforts to build Haiti and peace that can ensure good quality of life to all her sons.

According to Mr. Monplaisir the candidate for the presidency worked on Truth for many years in the education sector as well as being very active in peasant and popular sectors.

The Truth poarty has nominated Mr. Lumarque believing that could he bring a consensus among all segments of society in order to seek a climate of stability.

Mr. Lumarque was preferred to two other candidates of the platform, Jean Max Bellerive, a former prime minister of Haiti under the Martelly administration; and, Joanas Gué former agriculture minister were handicapped by the absence clearance certificate that should have been issued by a the administrative court in collaboration with parliament. Read main article here.