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The Government of Costa Rica is taking new provisions, including the opening of a shelter in the south, near the border with Panama, with the possible arrival of new waves of immigrants, especially Haitians and Cubans, official sources confirmed.

"We assume that this is a long-term phenomenon. We are taking provisions to address not only those who are already coming in, but if in the future there are peaks or fluctuations (in the arrival of migrants)," Said to reporters Local Information Minister, Mauricio Herrera.

A year ago, Costa Rica faced a serious migration crisis with the arrival of more than 8,000 Cuban migrants. The problem  was resolved after the government managed to agree, along with Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, the establishment of an airlift to transport these people to their final destination, the United States.

However, in April there was another migratory wave, this time of citizens from Haiti and some Asian and African countries. Since then, the number  of immigrants has reached more than 12,000 .

Unlike Cubans, the latter do not receive preferential treatment immigration in the United States, also their final destination.

The situation is complicated for Costa Rica, because since November Nicaragua has kept closed its border for migrants coming from Costa Rican territory.

Many of the immigrants are victims of so-called "coyotes", gangs of smugglers who charge high sums to transfer them to the United States.

Herrera said the government is considering opening a shelter for about 2,000 people in a region near the border with Panama area.

Most of these immigrants, who leave their countries for socioeconomic and political conditions, are entering from the south to the north.

Given the waves, the Costa Rican authorities will keep opening shelters in the northern border, with Nicaragua.