Consul appointed by Dominican President to Haiti, was recently arrested for illegal trafficking of Haitians

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Andrés Boció

Some of the consuls appointed last night by President Danilo Medina had been arrested recently accused of illegal trafficking of Haitians, and in the government of Leonel Fernandez was canceled as consul in Haiti for operating several clandestine consulates.

It is Andrés Boció Fortuna appointed through decree 330-14, Art, 4, as consular minister responsible consular in Belladere, Haiti, where he was canceled in 2007 as a result of an investigation by the Dominican Chancellery.

On May 5 of this year, Boció Fortuna was arrested by members of the G-2 military intelligence division of the Army of the Dominican Republic, when they were transporting 15 undocumented Haitians from the municipality of Commander to the National District.

When the military threw the glove, fortune was transported in the Chevrolet SUV, black, plate G25647, and was transferred from the border to the headquarters of the Army of the Dominican Republic, where he was interrogated by intelligence officers.

Because of his political influence and in the government, as a member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), he was able to evade submission to Justice.

As a consul in Haiti

In January 2007, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs canceled the then Dominican Consul in Belladere, Haiti, Andrés Boció Fortuna, for operating two clandestine consulates managed by Haitian nationals and where Dominican visas were issued without the authorization of the Foreign Ministry.

The designation of Fortuna returns him to the same consulate from where he was dismissed in the government of Leonel Fernandez, but now he returns with more power in his capacity as Minister Councilor, than the rank of a diplomat.

By then, the consul Andrés Boció counted on the services of the Haitians Livingston Philistien, Yves Maxi, Ernest Josehp, Louis Bernadin, Jeanty Batien, Francois Leonce, Herno Josehp, Alex Destine and Cys Sainfort, who were also serving as ex-consul Cheche Luna, who died a few years ago.

During his time as consul in Belladere, Haiti, Boció Fortuna, also faced another investigation for the supposed falsification of hundreds of visas that were used to traffic Haitians and Cubans to Dominican territory.

As if that were not enough, before his cancellation, Fortuna was accused of fraud and illicit trafficking of immigrants, offering travel to Spain, along with other people.

That investigation was carried out by the then director of the Department against Trafficking and Traffic of Perona of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, Frank Soto, and the Deputy Prosecutor of Elías Piña, in December of 2007.

The people who filed complaints against Boció Fortuna were Juan Bautista Castillo, Robertina Moreta Remero, Elvira de León, Fernando Alcántara, Juan García, Rosa María Lapaix Alcántara, Miguel Rosario Jaqués and Nueves Alcántara, who allegedly paid nearly two million pesos for the alleged trips to Estaña.

Bocio or Boccio was appointed by decree 330-14 issued by the head of the Executive Branch, Danilo Medina, and released yesterday.

On December 6, 2007, the newspaper Diario Libre published the following information written by journalist Socorro Arias:

Chancellery suspended Consul Andrés Boció

SANTO DOMINGO.-The Counselor of the Dominican Embassy in Haiti and consul of the Central Plateau with seat in Belladère, Andrés Boció Fortuna, had been suspended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs two months ago.

Diaro Libre sources reported that the consul was suspended while he was being investigated for the alleged falsification of visas that would be used for the illicit traffic of immigrants, through the border with the neighboring country.

The source revealed that because of his influence in the Government and because he was a senior leader of the Dominican Liberation Party in Elías Piña, he would have been "removed" from the investigation that the Foreign Ministry opened at the time.

The Dominican visas were photocopied and presumably sold, since at the border the military has no way of verifying whether or not they are authentic. This mechanism would have been used for months, according to Diaro Libre sources.

Boció is currently being investigated under the charge of swindling and illicit trafficking of immigrants, with travel offers to Spain.

The rest submitted were identified as Alberto Brito Sánchez, Elido Rodríguez Capellán, Mayor Aquino, Arsenio Fortuna and Félix Antonio Martínez Guzmán.

The investigations of the case are being carried out by the director of the Department against Human Trafficking and Trafficking of the Procurator's Office, Frank Soto, and also by the deputy prosecutor of Elías Piña.

The deputy attorney general questioned the plaintiffs Juan Bautista Castillo, Robertina Moreta Romero, Elvira de Leon, Bernardo Alcántara, Juan Garcia, Rosa María Lapaix Alcántara, Miguelina Rosario Jáquez and Nieves Alcántara Mateo, who allegedly paid RD $ 1.8 million for the trip to Spain.

 On May 9, 2014, the veteran San Juan journalist Manuel Espinosa Rosario signed the following information that was published in the newspaper Hoy and in several digital newspapers of the South and the border area:

G-2 seizes ex-consul Andrés Boció with illegal Haitians

AZUA.- Another 15 undocumented Haitians, numbering 26 in the last 48 hours, were captured on the Los Pilones bridge by members of the G-2 Army of the Dominican Republic, when they were transported in a SUV from Comendador to the National District. .

The Haitians were transported in the Chevrolet SUV, black, license plate G256467, conducted by Andrés Boció Fortuna, member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party- PLD-, and former Dominican general consul in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

In the same place, 48 hours ago, 9 undocumented Haitians were taken and transported in a Nissan van, driven by its owner, agronomist Tirso Bello Orozco, member of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD).

The 15 foreigners were transferred from the checkpoint located before crossing the bridge over the Ocoa river, at kilometer 33, Azua-Bani road, to the José María Cabral fortress, headquarters of the third Army brigade with a seat in San Juan , from where they were repatriated to their country, by the border post of Carrizal, in Comendador.

In the meantime, Andrés Boció Fortuna, along with his yipeta, were sent to the intelligence office of the G-2 of the Army of the Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo.

On his side, Andrés Boció Fortuna, in a telephone call to this editor, reported that "the 15 Haitians he was carrying in his SUV, is that he is forming a company in Santo Domingo and he was taking them to train them for these purposes, and that no way can you interpret it as trafficking with undocumented people. "

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