Construction of a dam upstream of Haiti's longest river "would greatly benefit the neighboring country" said Dominican official

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The construction of a dam and hydroelectric plant by the Dominican republic upstream of the Artibonite River, Haiti's longest, would not affect Haiti, on the contrary this work would greatly benefit the neighboring country, assured the administrator of the Dominican Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID), Demetrio Lluberes.

"If the dam is built, it will generate a great benefit for the area, which is very poor. That would be a blessing from God because it will change everything. Water will not have any problem in Haiti, it will be the opposite, they will have safe water for agriculture, " said Lluberes.

Lluberes explained that the dam won't be built anytime soon, because the studies and the ressources for the project have not yet been allocated. 

Lluberes added that in Haiti there is knowledge of the project and so far there has been no opposition from authorities.

War of Water: Dominican Republic plans to build a damn upstream of Haiti's longest river


"We do not intend that the water does not continue to Haiti because everything that is going to be done has to be in coordination with the Haitian government," he said.

The administrator of the EGEHID recalled that between both countries there is an agreement that establishes that any work that is built on this side can not prevent a certain amount of water circulating along the Artibonite River.

The Dominican Constitution indicates in Article 11 that the sustainable use and protection of border rivers are regulated by the principles enshrined in the Protocol of Review of 1936 of the 1929 Border Treaty and the Treaty of Peace, Perpetual Friendship and Arbitration of 1929 signed with the Republic of Haiti.

The Artibonite is born in Dominican territory, supplies water to a large part of the city of Port-au-Prince and is the most important rivers in Haiti.

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