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The Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, is expected to make an official visit to Haiti tomorrow, after a personal invitation by Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

The Chilean President wanted to make the visit before the Chilean contingent of the UN peacekeeping mission leaves Haiti April 30, relayed the newly installed Ambassador of Chili, Patricio Utreras, whose credentials were received by the Haitian President last week.

The issue of migration will be the main topic of discussion during the bi lateral exchange. Chili, a country with one of the most robust economy in the Americas and which uses US currency, is one of the most attractive destinations for Haitian immigrants. November of last year, Chilean migration officials said that they were expecting more than 48.000 Haitians to arrive in Chili in 2017.

48.000 Haitians are expected to migrate to Chile in 2017, said Chilean officials

The majority of Haitian migrants who come to Chile are young. 80% of them are aged 15-30 years old, and 65% are women. they are mostly students.The mass flight of young people after completing their basic studies scares civil society leaders and economic agents, because they need that force to revive the Haitian economy.. 

This is an update to reflect correction to date of visit.