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Chilean Labor officials turned to Google translator, to help Haitians who are protesting against unpaid labor

Posted by hougansydney.com on Saturday, March 31, 2018 Under: Migration

Earlier this week, some two hundred blueberry workers, mostly Haitians,  demonstrated in the Chilean region of Los Lagos, in the south of the country, and some have filed a lawsuit, because the company Austral Berries had not paid their salaries for the months of February, March, nor the end of last season.

The protest had its effects. It got the attention of officials of the Labor Inspectorate, which launched hearings on the case on Tuesday, but chilean authorities became overwhelmed by the number of complaints as well as the language barrier between Chileans and Haitians.

Guillermo Olivera, Regional Director of Labor, said that officials had to resort to Google translator to be able to serve the more than 200 Haitian workers who reported irregularities in the payment of their salaries, in Osorno, Chile.  Creole and French are the two official languages of Haiti. Guillermo Olivera clarified that, the use of Google translator is only to address the immediate situation, but Chile, simultaneously is working on implementing a translation system to meet the needs of growing foreign labor workers and Haitian Creole along with french, were two of the languages given priorities. More than 100.000 Haitians migrated to Chile in 2017.

The hearings, attended by inspectors of the labor department, representatives of the blueberry company and workers, are expected to bring forth a resolution this weekend.

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