Chilean immigration officials have deported 230 Haitians since last Friday

Posted by on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 Under: Migration
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Chilean immigration officials, since last Friday, have deported 230 Haitians who lack proper documents to enter the South America nation, which has seen an explosion of Haitian immigrants arrival in past years.

According to the Investigative Police (PDI) these 230 undocumented Haitian nationals arrived in Chile Between Friday and Monday on four different flights.

PDI agents said that they detected that the hotel reservations of 169 foreigners were false, a requirement to enter the country as a tourist.

The Latin American Wings airline (LAW) which transported some of these undocumented migrants, earlier this week announced that it has suspended all its Haiti-Chile flights, due to the number of entrance refusals.

The Latin American Wings has temporarily suspends its flights Haiti-Chile due to increase of "inadmissible Haitian citizens"

In recent days the controversy over the issue of Haitian migration to Chile has revived. Migration from Haiti has grown significantly in recent months, with one or two planes arriving everyday from Haiti or the Dominican republic with hundreds of Haitians entering with Tourism visa but stay working in the country.

More than 100.000 Haitians migrated to Chile in 2017, which represents 1% of the total population of Haiti.

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