Chilean  and Uruguayan troops that participated in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti have began the withdrawal process, after 13 years of service in the Caribbean island.

The departure of the Chilean troops was announced late last month by Chile's President, Michele Bachelet  during a one day trip to the Haitian Capital. On that occasion, Bachelet said that she believed that the chilean troops had succeed in their mission which started more than a dozen years ago. 

Chile's President Michelle Bachelet ends one day visit in Haiti

"By the end of this process, on April 15, more than 12,000 soldiers and national police will have passed through this country, cooperating in the management of the local security environment and making a concrete contribution to peace and International Security."

Uruguay to withdraw its blue helmets in Haiti April 15th

The departure of military personnels that made up the MINUSTAH comes following the decision of the UN to end the peacekeeping mission due to the unprecedented progress Haiti has made over the years.