Carnival Cruise  will build a U$70 million cruise ship port in Ile de la Tortue (Tortuga Island), off of Port-de-Paix, Haiti's northwestern coast, making it the 7th Carnival Cruise port in the Caribbean. The Island of Tortuga, so named by Christopher Columbus for its turtle shape, became famous in the 17th century as a lawless territory populated by Dutch, Maltese, French, English and Spanish pirates. This $70 million project  will be the largest cruise investment ever made in Haiti, surpassing Royal Caribbean in Labadee.  “The development will create an exciting opportunity for our guests to enjoy a new, secluded and stunning destination on the island of Tortuga that the company expects will become a highly popular place for guests to enjoy for years to come,” David Candib, a Carnival Corp. vice president, said in a statement. The completion of the Cruise port is expected to be in 2015.