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or the first time since 2006, the Canadian Government will not be sending an electoral observation team to Haiti to help oversee the upcoming October 9 presidential election. 

Jessica Seguin of Global Affairs Canada speaking to the Canadian news agency CBC, was unable to promise that Canada will for a fact send such a mission to the Caribbean nation saying only that "We are currently assessing our potential support for the OAS Electoral Observation Mission,"

In private, senior government sources say Ottawa is very reluctant to provide assistance, arguing that Canada is fed up with Haiti's leaders playing political games on the donor's dime.

Haiti is due to rerun a presidential election on October 9, the first one held October 25 of last year was cancelled after widespread fraud allegations and violence forced Haitian officials to scraped the vote. International donors, including Canada which had contributed $11 million to the failed processus, were furious at the decision of Haitian officials.

The United States, Canada, Brazil, France, the European Union, the United Kingdom... These international donors who largely paid the $100 million for the election — and who dispatched 408 observers to watch it — said it was clean.

"They tossed out the results from a perfectly good election,"  says Jim Morrell, executive director of the US-funded Haiti Democracy Project in Washington D.C. His organization provided 208 of those 408 observers.

Canada has told Haiti it will have to use whatever money that is left over, if any, from the previous fund to pay for next month's rerun, while the US asked for whatever amount of its money that remained.

With Canada joining the European Union and pull out of sending electoral observers to the country, the United States remains the only major country and partner of Haiti financing an electoral observation team (OAS), despite open opposition of the presidential rerun.