Calls for protests, investigations and threats of impeachment; comments of Haitian President while in Paris continue to cause controversy in Haiti

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Some of the comments of Haitian President Jovenel Moise in Paris during his address to the Haitian community there, regarding his fight against corruption in Haiti, have drawn widespread criticisms, calls for mass protests, investigations and, even threats of impeachment from angry lawmakers.

While speaking to the Haitian community in Paris on the sidelines of the One Planet Summit, President Moise confided two major until-then secrets to his compatriots.

First, how he was "forced" to renew the mandate of 50 judges whom he himself has suspected to be corrupt.

"The CSPJ entrusted me with a list of judges, because you know that it is the President of the Republic who must sign, said the president, Since I had learned that there was vetting going on, I was waiting for the report before signing. From my sources, I learned that there were about 50 judges suspected of corruption. I waited for a month. It never reached me until today. It was on the radio that I learned that I did not want to publish the list of judges. This provoked a strike at the level of justice. I had no choice, I had to publish the list ... They are the same ones who make their own vetting. Kase fèy kouvri sa ... »(Break a leaf cover it up)"

Haitian President renews the mandate of about 50 judges suspected of corruption

Later on during his speech, the President had no choice but to acknowledged the hot button issue of PetroCaribe corruption report, penned by the Senate's Ethic commission last month, in which many former and current government officials are accused of squandering some $3 billion of PetroCaribe funds, meant to finance social projects.  

However, the President whom continues to assert publicly that "he alone can fight corruption in Haiti", shocked everyone when he admitted to continue to do everything in his power to stop the senate from voting on the report which he qualifies as persecution and "
 "an eagerness to divert attention." "But thanks be to God, I have people everywhere. I have people inside the system, we found a way to drag things.  admitted the President; all but outrightly confirming rumors that on the eve of an anticipated senatorial special session two weeks ago, he had a secret meeting with senators of his own party asking them to vote against the report.

In response to the comments of the President regarding the 50 judges he has suspected of being corrupt, Members of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary held an emergency press conference to denounce the President's remarks which they qualified as "Incompetent, irresponsible, clumsy, and light."

"How can a president say that he has been forced to appoint 50 corrupt magistrates, while he is the guarantor of the proper functioning of the institutions?" Judge of the Court of Appeal,  Max Elibert questioned himself, visibly angry.   

According to Judge Max Elibert, even if the list had corrupt judges, it is up to the president to decide who should be approved or not, because he is the guarantor of the smooth running of the institutions. "No need to make a scandal on the public square in foreign land," he says, adding that there are many honest judges in the system who have not been renewed by the head of state.

Following the unprecedented press conferences by the judges, it was the turn of nearly ten influential human rights organisations to publicly and strongly come out against the statements of the President and call for a 
"Citizen mobilization to defeat any hint " of President Jovenel Moise to drown the Senate reports on the squandering of PetroCaribe funds. In the Press note, the human rights organisations such as SOFA, URAMEL, RNDDH, EC-JILAP, CARDH, POHDH and CRESFED  urged citizens to "Raise your voice to demand accountability for the use of the PetroCaribe fund. [...] to prevent the country from being subjected to the whims of a man or a few men who consolidate the dynasty of corruption, presidentialism and all forms of single thought. "

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