After long hours of waiting, of discussion and heated debate, the BCEDs finally decided in declaring the First Lady Sophia Martelly able to run for the post of Senator for West Department. However this decision under the procedure must be validated by the electoral body CEP which should publish this Friday 1st May 2015 the list of approved candidates for the upcoming legislative. The information was confirmed later in the evening by the Haitian radio station Kiskeya.

While acknowledging that Sophia Martelly, candidate of the ruling party PHTK (Haitian Tet Kale Party) was born in New York, on October 9, 1965, the electoral tribunal of Wally Désence (Chairman), Whiting BELABRE (Member), Mario Delcy (Member) declared unfounded the challenges produced by 3 competitors Ms. Martelly, including Dr. Louis Gérald Gilles of Fanmi Lavalas (Party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide), Marie-Claude and Denise Me Tranquilor Mathieu, both of Patriotic Unity.

The electoral judges say the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince has confirmed and provided documentations proving that on March 31,2014  Sophia Martelly had formally renounced her American citizenship. 

First Lady Michel Martelly essentially becomes the first high ranking Haitian national to have been born outside of Haiti, to be allowed to participate in elections as either a candidate or voter, under the amended constitution. A very important and positive move by the CEP.

Many second generation Haitians and those who have adopted a new nationality, mostly due to economic reasons, have always wanted to participate in the choosing of Haiti leaders and be candidates; Ms Sophia Martelly's candidacy provides great example and publicity of what to do as a Haitian with double nationality, in order to participate in Haiti's elections.