The house of the Haitian Ambassador in Santo Domingo, Fritz Cinéas, was robbed Thursday in mid-day by five individuals who wore the uniform of a well-known power company, reports the Dominican newspaper El Caribe.

Burglars arrived in a vehicle bearing the insignia of the company and entered the home of the diplomat, pretending to be sent to do electrical maintenance. They stole an undetermined amount of money, valuables and important documents, the newspaper said.

Ambassador Fritz Cinéas was not int the Dominican Republic at the time of the robbery, he was in Haiti. Reports other Dominican media.

The gangsters beat up two Haitian employees: a security guard was severely beat up and the other victim, a woman was gagged. According to Dominican police.

The security guard was taken to the hospital.

It recognized that it was him, the security guard who let the burglars enter the court, because they were wearing the uniform of the power company and were provided with proper access assuming they had come to a work.