On November 28th 2014, Haiti's President Michel Martelly chose an 11-member commission to help him find a solution to the worsening political crisis of Haiti and was given a week to make their recommendations to the President. Today, the report is out and among the recommendations was the shocking call for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to resign.
The commission also suggested the resignation of the country's supreme court and the members of the CEP; the temporary body chosen to organized the three years overdue elections.
The commission also demanded the release of a number of people who have been arrested during the burgeoning of the crisis, and are deemed by human rights groups as as political prisoners.
The 10 page recommendations signed by all 11 members of the commission comes weeks after a series of protests have spawned in various cities across Haiti, asking for the resignation of President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, over the failure of the government to organize elections which have been delayed over and over for the past three years. The President has been unable to come to any agreement with the 6  senators forming the opposition bloc to organize the elections for 2/3 of the senate, the entire lower house of 199 deputies and mayors for all the 240 municipal offices throughout the country. Come 2015, the terms of the remaining senators will come to terms, rendering the senate unable to make quorum, such political vacuum automatically gives the president the authority to rule the country by decree, as the Haitian Constitution requires.
It should be noted that the commission did not call for the extension of the terms of parliament, like members of the opposition have been asking, making it more certain that the President will start to rule the country by decree comes January 2015.
The commission asks that the president does not rule the country by decree to avoid the worsening of the crisis, except for the issuing of the electoral law.
It is of course not clear if the president will accept all the recommendations of the commission, especially the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, who has the trust of not only the international community, but who also enjoys unprecedented support of Haitians in the diaspora, who are adamantly opposed to his resignation. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in a meeting with the commission members before the issuing of the recommendations, said that he will resign without hesitation should the president ask him to do so.
President Michel Martelly will officially accept the recommendations of the commission today at 4PM local time at the National Palace and will make his decisions known within 48 hours.