The electoral decree was passed Monday by the Executive to the National Press for publication in the official newspaper Le Moniteur, the prospect of new elections announced for this year.

The spokesman of the Presidency Lucien Jurat who made the announcement, said the text was signed on Monday by the Government Council.

Meanwhile, the National Identification Office (ONI) states that it is working together with the CEP (Provisional Electoral Council) to the purification of the electoral list.

Its managing director, Jean-Baptiste Saint-Cyr said that this list reflect as much as possible, the actual number of voters expected to take part in the elections.

It reported a series of initiatives in the context of strengthening the institution and its presence throughout the country.

ONI would have 141 offices across the country as well as mobile units for voter registration in remote areas if we are to believe Mr. St. Cyr also reported that soon the institution will be able to print 24,000 national identification cards daily. He also said that voters whose card expires, will participate in the upcoming elections to be held, he said, this year.