Haiti's President Michel Martelly and the country's two houses of Parliament have reached an agreement late Monday, in efforts to avoid the worsening of the political crisis over elections, which has sparked massive protest across Haiti.

This agreement will open the way for the ratification of a new head of government to replace the interim Prime Minister, Florence Duperval Gillaume, chosen after the forced departure of Laurent Lamothe.

Under the agreement, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies' terms will be extend beyond their expiration on January 12th 2015, but only if an electoral law is passed
The agreement will expand the terms of the deputies until April 24, 2015 and senators until September 9.

This new consensus will surely be well received by the international community, which so far have been very supportive of President Michel Martelly's efforts to resolve the crisis.
First by accepting the recommendation of an independent commission which recommended the resignation of Laurent Lamothe, to the nomination of Evans Paul, the moderate leader of the main opposition as the new prime minister and, the release of a number of political prisoners to now the extension of parliamentary terms, which has been one of the main demand from the 6 senators forming the opposition bloc.

This new agreement has the potential to appease protesters who have been asking for the resignation of President Michel Martelly.