Breaking News: Police officer involved in a robbery in Haiti where a woman pregnant with twins was shot 5 times

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Many in Haiti are left in utter shock, after the video of an aftermath of a brutal  robbery in the neighborhood of Bourdon that had just happened, was posted on Facebook.

On the video posted on Facebook yesterday, we see a red Hyundai SUV with a bullet impact in the middle of the side window, driver side. The voiceover, that of a resident, reveals that a man and a woman have received several bullets. He spoke of an "enraged attack". Around him, the echo of a conversation of witnesses still shocked to have heard so many shots. In the images, it is observed that the vehicle immobilized on the road has the hood slightly damaged.

The traffic continued. By the time this video is shared on social media Wednesday, early in the afternoon, few people know that the woman shot is pregnant with twins.

Judith Basile was severely beaten before being shot more than 5 times at close range while her partner was shot some eight times. 

This violent of what now seems to be a robbery, happened in the neighborhood of Bourdon, near PetionVille.

Deputy police spokesman Inspector Gary Desrosiers, who confirmed the information, said the "victims are seriously injured." He revealed that a patrol from the Pétion-Ville police station was able to intercept Charles Aldoni and Davidson Cius, the alleged perpetrators of this couple's attack. Motivations will be determined by the police investigation.

If the rapid reaction of the police of Pétion-Ville is greeted, the rest ice blood. Davidson Cius is a BIM agent 1, of the 24th "pending referral" class of the Haitian National Police, on the recommendation of the General Inspectorate for his alleged involvement in a homicide, revealed Gary Desrosiers.

The facts date back to July 1, 2016. Davidson Cius had an armed altercation with another police officer at Waney 93, at Carrefour. During this exchange of fire between these two police officers, one person died. The police had recommended the dismissal of these two police officers, said Gary Desrosiers.

The General Inspectorate transferred Davidson Cius' file to the prosecutor's office on January 6, 2017. The latter was later released by a deputy government commissioner on January 17, 2017, Inspector Gary Desrosiers said, while refusing to name publicly the deputy government commissioner who allegedly released the officer involved in the robbery.

Asked about the concerns of more than one about the involvement of police in gangs, the deputy spokesman pointed out that the police institution does not skimp in the application of the law. When these facts are proven in the investigation, these deviants are dismissed from the institution and handed over to the court for legal action, said Inspector Gary Desrosiers who did not specify under what circumstances Davidson Cius was released by the courts, or if it was with his service weapon that he acted, given the fact that the removal process is not yet complete.

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