Breaking News: One person died during tear gas attack on a conference debating PetroCaribe corruption

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The tear gas attack against senators Youri Latortue, Jack Sauveur Jean and several hundred participants in a conference-debate on the Petrocaribe issue at Café Trio, in Cap-Haitien, made one dead, Jacques Dubois, host and spokesperson of Tropicana and dozens intoxicated, Saturday, April 28, 2018.

"This is an unfortunate incident," said the northern departmental director of the Haitian National Police, Prévil G Castro, who announced the opening of an investigation. "Yes, gas was dropped inside. We do not know in what circumstance and what gas it was. We have an ongoing investigation. We can not yet release a definitive result. The investigators are working on the file, " he said, noting that the police monitored the participants outside and at the entrance.

"Normally, according to the police officers on site, everyone was controlled except the VIPs who were going to make the presentation and the security attendants," said the departmental director of the North of the PNH. He indicated that Senator Latortue did not tell him, in a conversation the day before that there were threats to the holding of this conference debate. As usual, when the police are asked, she provides security. In this case, it was a AAA note that informed the police of holding the event prior to the conversation with Senator Latortue, explained DDN / PNH, Prévil G. Castro.

A criminal act, a return to the time of the Duvaliers

"What happened is a criminal act," Senator Youri Latortue told the newspaper, revealing that a tear gas grenade "C3, extremely toxic" was sent to the right of the platform when he was preparing to answer questions, another in the audience and a third who did detonate. "The door where I had to go out, at a time opened, was subsequently closed from the outside," said Senator Youri Latortue, noting that it was his driver who broke the lock with a stone. There were threats on this conference-debate because the people involved in the Petrocaribe file have a long arm, revealed Youri Latortue, claiming to have realized the event after obtaining guarantees from the national police of Haiti that it would search all participants and ensure the security of the site. "We came back to the Duvalier times," said Senator Youri Latortue. Senator Latortue, chairman of the senate's ethics and anti-corruption commission, revealed that a "former colleague" had informed him that supporters of the PHTK and Moïse Jean Charles do not see the event favorably. Senator Youri Latortue said he had raised three issues during this conference, which included reports on the Hinche / Cap-Haïtien road, the Cap-Haïtien airport, whose poor track.

Senate's President, Joseph Lambert, rejects the demand of Administrative Court to turn over PetroCaribe Corruption Report

The departmental director, Prévil G. Castro, said that according to information collected, this door mentioned by the senator is not generally open to the public.

Jovenel Moses laments

"I deplore the serious incidents that took place this Saturday in Cap Haitien within the grounds of the Café Trio club causing the death of one person and several wounded. I take this opportunity to convey my sympathies to the victims, " tweeted the President of the Republic, Jovenel Moise.

"I was shocked by the incident at Café Trio, Cap-Haitien, this Saturday, April 28, causing at least one death and several injuries," responded in a note, Senator Northern Dieudonne Luma Étienne. "Witnesses report an attack with tear gas bomb," according to this note from the senator, "concerned", which "asks police and judicial authorities to conduct their investigations to make, in a timely manner, all the light on this fact ". "I take this opportunity to express my sympathies to parents, relatives, and fans of the host Tropicana orchestra of Haiti Jacques Dubois," reads in this note.

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