Breaking News: Number of deaths in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew nearing 900

Posted by on Saturday, October 8, 2016 Under: Haiti Hurricane Matthew

As expected, the number of deaths in Haiti from hurricane Matthew since the latest update on Thursday keeps soaring; it has more than triple. So far nearly 900 people are confirmed to have perished during the devastating storms that brought great devastation to the half island.

On Friday night the Haitian government updated the number of deaths to 877 and some 23 missing after information from the country's remote areas start to come out. 

Tens of thousands of homes are destroyed and some 350.000 people are left displaced according to a United Nations estimate.

Winds of up to 145 mph swept away tens of thousands of homes and 3 feet of rain over the country's hills caused several floods. The greatest danger now is a resurgence of cholera cases due to contaminated water.

A presidential election that was initially due to take place Sunday was postponed sine die by electoral officials to allow more time or relief operations.

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