A new Prime Minister has been designated in Haiti. Sunday morning, Enex Jean Charles, the Ministries Consul’s general secretary announced during a press conference:
“I have the honor to inform you, that following the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe and of his retreat from the post, for personal reasons, Dr Florence Duperval Guillaume, The Minister of Public Health and of the Population, have been designated with the title of Temporary Prime Minister, in accordance with Article 165 of the Constitution.”
 Article 165 of the Haitian Constitution states that
“in case of a duly observed permanent incapacity, of the Prime Minister, or his retreat from the post for personal reasons, the President chooses a temporary Prime Minister among the Cabinet Ministries’ members, awaiting the formation of a new government within a delay not surpassing 30 days.”
As the President starts preparing to face the ultimate historical crossroad where he will begin to rule the country by decree, starting January 12th 2015, the new Prime Minister, Dr Florence Duperval Guillaume will have the difficult task of organizing the three years overdue elections, for the entire senate, all the deputies and all the mayors for the municipal offices throughout the country, in the midst of the continued massive protests in various parts of Haiti, by the opposition, asking for President Michel Martelly’s departure.
It is evident by the unwillingness of the opposition to meet with the president for any talks, unless it is about his resignation and the senate’s terms expansion beyond its mandates in January 2015, the President won’t have any choice but to rule by decree in 2015. The commission that he had put in place, and which recommended the departure of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, asked that the President does not rule by decrees except for the issuing of the electoral law.
The opposition continues to say that they want elections, but since they don’t want to negotiate with the President on an electoral law that would facilitate the overdue elections, now come 2015, they won’t have any say on the organizations of these elections, and this will be used as a leverage to contest the results.