Breaking News: Matthew makes landfall in Haiti as category 4 hurricane

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Matthew has made landfall in Haiti as a category 4 hurricane. Early Tuesday morning Hurricane Matthew rages on on Haiti's southern coast with devastating winds and storms threatening to cause a huge catastrophe in the poor Caribbean country.  With sustained winds of 145 mph and an expected 4 feet of rain, Matthew is the strongest hurricane to hit Haiti since 1963.

Authorities are expecting a lot of houses to be destroyed because of the poor infrastructures in many rural areas, where homes are made of muds and sticks, and chanty materials. Haiti's president has made zero-life-loss his goal, but two fishermen in the South can be confirmed dead so far, with the number expecting to rise, as the reports from some of the country's most remote locations start to come out in the hours and days after the storm.

Officials are also preparing for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructures damages as well as agricultural damages due to heavy loss of crops, Haiti is already suffering from an unprecedented drought that has put millions in food insecurity.

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Health officials are also gearing up for a rise in the number of cholera cases in the weeks and months following the hurricane, Haiti is still dealing with an cholera epidemic introduced by UN nepalese peacekeepers deployed to the country after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

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