Residents of Fonds-Verrettes are alerting authorities about a fire evolving for several weeks in the Pine Forest (West), according to testimony gathered by the agency AlterPresse online.

"Since the end of February 2015, the smoke clouds are observed in the forest. But by the end of March, these small brush fires have evolved into raging flames destroying several acres of pines. Haitian authorities are not doing anything to stop this phenomenon, since they do not have the resources .

"These fires produce a steady degradation of the forest. Since the end of February 2015, many young pines were destroyed on several acres burned, "adds Osny Pierre Louis, another resident of the area.

At first, the fires were noticed in the locality of Robio.

In recent weeks, they also occur in the towns of Nan plak, Fanchon, Twou Wòch, a town at the top of Morne la Selle (the highest peak in Haiti, 2,680 meters above sea level, located in the national park The visit).

"We can not do anything because we have no means to extinguish fires or equipment to secure the burnt areas," says a ranger who wants to remain anonymous.

"In recent weeks, extraordinary winds favor the spread of fire," he added.

Many large portions of lands in the forest that have recently been planted in pines, have been destroyed."  He continues

These fires could be either the result of a persistent drought since 2014 or it could be man made, as more and more farmers seem to be settling within the parameters of the forest.

In addition to the fire, the pines are victims of indiscriminate cutting operations, intending to be made into boards or bold wood used in cooking fires.

The Visit National Park is one of Haiti's only two natural forests, and is home to countless numbers of endemic birds lizards, and amphibians.  

The Dominican Republic which shares the Island of Hispaniola with Haiti, has also experienced some forest fires recently; without the proper equipment, the Dominican government had to ask the United States for help; perhaps, Haitian authorities, instead of ignoring this problem, should ask neighboring countries for help to extinguish this fire before it is too late.

Haiti suffers major deforestation issues, it is the most deforested country in the Americas, it cannot afford to loose any of its forests.