Breaking News: Lawmakers give Haitian Prime minister 24 hrs to submit documents of new ministers

Posted by on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 Under: Politic
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Haitian Prime Minister, Jack Guy Lafontant, has been summoned by a group of lawmakers at the Chamber of Deputies, to submit to the Lower House, within 24 hours, all the documents that can prove that the new ministers respect articles 52.1 and 172.1 of the constitution.

These lawmakers contended that these documents should have been submitted before the nominations, forgetting it seems, that they were the ones who had given that same government 72 hours to reshuffled the Cabinet Ministers or face impeachment proceedings.

Some of the documents that must be submitted within such a time frame include:

The final tax declaration certificate for the last five years
Their birth certificate 
Notarized certificate proving that they are real estate owners
Copy of their criminal record proving that they were not sentenced for an afflictive and disgraceful sentence
Curriculum vitae
Certificate proving that the have not been accountable to the public treasury
Certificate of discharge if they have been accountable for public money
Certificate of Immigration proving that they do not have other nationalities
Certificate of the CEP proving that they had voted in the last elections.

If these documents are not submitted within the 24 hours timetable, it would be a clear violation of the constitution, according to the deputies, and the Prime Minister might still face a vote of non confidence they say.

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