Prime minister of Haiti, laurent lamothe

On Saturday, Haiti's Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, has officially resigned as the country head of government. His resignation came days after the 11-members commission put in place by President Michel Martelly, to help him find a solution to the degenerating political cloud looming over the country, recommended the departure of Laurent Lamothe to help defuse the crisis.
A number of protests have been organized by the 6 senators forming the opposition bloc in numerous cities across the country, asking Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe to resign over their government's failure to organize legislative and local elections, three years overdue.
The resignation of the young prime minister came as a surprise, especially to many Haitians in the diaspora where Mr Lamothe hold unprecedented record support.
They thought that the Presidential commission would have made the recommendations for the administration to be reshuffled, and some ministers' performance reviewed in collaboration with the opposition, and those performing below standard, removed and replaced, but no one saw the resignation coming.
 They took to social media and comment board of news websites to express their anger towards the opposition.
Never has the country seen such a dynamic prime minister, actually working for the country one says. 
A political crisis should not be resolved by another political crisis.
Haiti have made huge progress under the duo Martelly/Lamothe they say, citing for example, children access to free primary education, which went from below 50 % in 2010 to nearly 90% in 2014; the 1.5 million homeless left by the devastating January 2010 earthquake is now less than 100.000; for the first time in Haiti's history a number of social programs were introduced to help fight hunger and extreme poverty, such as 2.000 HT gourdes for mother living in poverty stricken community as long they send all their  eligible children to school; free community restaurants, and most importantly his business background. Many in the diaspora favored him as the next plausible president of Haiti who will most certainly assure the continuation of good governance in a country that has experienced over 30 coups in the course of its 200+ years history.
While the thought that only 6 senators of an opposition will plunge a country of 10 million people into a chaotic social and political nightmare is perplex to many, it is nonetheless a huge step towards the strengthening of Haiti's young but strong democracy.
For the President to let go of his Prime minister who enjoys the support of the international community, many Haitians at home and abroad, and most importantly who enjoyed the support of the President himself,  in an effort to reach a consensus with the opposition is a positively powerful sign.

 As for the former prime minister, he remains hopeful, but most importantly, satisfied of the job that he has done in the span of nearly 3 years.

" I submit my resignation as head of government to the President Michel Martelly, along with the resignation of all the ministers, we are going with a feeling that we have done everything we can for the country. 
I say thank you very much to the Haitian people, you are in my heart, thank you to all media workers, all union members, all organized forces that never ceased to support the cause of the majority of the Haitian people.
My dear compatriots, I leave the post of Prime Minister this evening with the feeling of accomplishment.
We have engaged this country in dynamics of profound change and of real change for the benefit of the population.
Today, when closing this important chapter of the five-year-term of President Martelly, I hope with all my heart that this great work will not be wasted and that other great achievements are coming for our country by the next prime minister.

I thank all the men and women who have accompanied me every day to serve our Haiti Cherie, my country, and who believe with me in a better future.

Vive Haiti!"

Many in the international community have praised Laurent Lamothe's  decision to resigns as Prime Minister, the embassies of the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil and the UN Special Representative to Haiti, Mrs Sandra Honore have released a joint statement through  the CORE GROUP calling Laurent Lamothe's decision a "patriotic gesture" in efforts to assist in reducing political tensions and overcoming the impasse.