Judge Anel Alexis Joseph, the President of the Conseil Superieur du pouvoir Judiciaire (CSPJ) and the Court of Cassation, the equivalent of Haiti's supreme court, has finally resigned from his functions yesterday, this Wednesday January 7th 2015.
His resignation came nearly a month after the presidential commission put in place by Michel Martelly to help find a solution to the crisis, recommended his departure, as well as that of then Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe and members of the Temporary Electoral Council (CEP), the body responsible for the organizations of elections.

"You can confirm the information regarding my resignation." Mr Anel Alexis Joseph told the Haitian journalists from Alter Press.

In 2012, the Haitian senate adopted a resolution that demanded Anel Alexis Joseph's resignation, citing his age, which was over the legal limit fixed to occupy the post of President of the Court of Cassation.

Me Anel Alexis Joseph was one of the signatories of the recent political agreement signed by the three branches of government, which the Senate rejected its validity this past Tuesday, partly because Judge Anel Alexis  whose resignation they demanded since 2012, was the representative of the Judicial  branch.

Now since all or nearly all the demands of the opposition have now been met, it remains to be seen if an electoral law will finally be passed by parliament to organize the overdue elections.